Thank you for the premium live stream and news of member-only live chat / off meeting


Makoto Sakurada ONLINE FAN CLUB

2020/05/15 00:00

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How was everyone's first premium live distribution vol.1?

Did you enjoy it?

This was my first attempt, but I made use of various ideas to provide content that everyone can enjoy.

If you like, we are waiting for you in the comments and ❤️ hearts, etc. of everyone's impressions!

I would like to encourage you in the future.

Well, we're also announcing a new attempt!

On the 4th Friday of every month, we hold an off-session to interact with members of the online fan club.

The title is "FC Members Only! YouTube Live Chat Off Meeting"

The first Vol.1 will start from 20:00 on May 29th (5th Friday)!

We would like to have a time where we can share the 25 years of nostalgic images and photos with our fans, live chat, and answer various questions, as well as discuss directly with you.

We look forward to your participation as FC members!

(The program link will be published in the following NEWS for paying members only.)




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